iPhone in Canada

Vancouver, BC

Although beat to the punch in mentioning it by my brother Adam, I will make a cursory note that according to MacRumors, Apple has forged a deal with Rogers to bring the iPhone to Canada. It has been almost a year since the iPhone first released to much anticipation in the US, and it has been available in the UK for a few months now as well. As the article mentions, Apple is rumoured to be planning a release of a 3G iPhone in June. I also know that Rogers is rolling out coverage of HSPA (referred to as 3.5G) in urban areas in Canada. I’m not sure what will end up being available with the iPhone, but it being Canada I imagine that the plans will be pretty expensive.

Articles were recently written about Apple turning a smiling, blind eye to all of the statistics about the number of iPhones being purchased in the US, unlocked and then sold elsewhere in the world. There is some hope that Apple will soon offer iPhones available in an unlocked state for use with whatever network suits you.