Intense Low Pressure

Word is we are getting a bit of a storm in Halifax again today. It’s not a part of a hurricane or tropical storm, just a nasty low pressure system that has shifted our way. It is expected that this will cause gusts of wind up to 90+ km/h - not Juan speeds, but more than we usually see. It is predicted that this will cause some power loss to the currently weakened grid. People are advised to get their batteries and candles ready.

Well… that really sucks eh? I just thought that I’d post this because I know that up until about a month ago, I never listened to the news or anything and never heard about this kind of stuff. So I wanted to give my news deprived readers a chance to prepare themselves. I’m sure there may be more to say about this after the storm, when I likely won’t have power. Bleh.

Written by Colin Bate