Injectable birth control

For men. Apparently research is being done - and finalized on a horomone based birth control method for men that would last for 3 months. Essentially it would render your sperm immotile and have no long-term side effects. It would be administered by injection - every 3 months or so. I’m not sure what the numbers are on its effectiveness at preventing pregnancy but it certainly poses an interesting alternative/suppliment to existing methods.

I for one would be willing to get said shots if the effectiveness was high enough. I mean at this point women are already using horomone altering methods as birth control - ie. the pill, and if I can do my part in that arena, why not? Obviously this doesn’t protect against STI’s but I know that in most guys minds, pregnancy is the most troubling issue. It is certainly interesting. I’ll try to find out more information.

2003-10-09 8:48 Apparently the injection (which is coupled with an implant under the skin) actually halts production of sperm and is said to be 100% effective.

Written by Colin Bate