Holiday geek gifts

Hamilton, Bermuda

First of all, I’m writing this on my phone as Bermuda suffers from a blackout. And I’m quarantined at home. Thanks 2020, it’s been real. So I’ll be brief. Happy holidays everyone.

Cloudflare Pages logo or screenshot

Cloudflare Pages

As a holiday gift, Cloudflare is announcing Pages, their answer to the Jamstack hosting world. Competing with Netlify and Vercel, they offer tight integration with GitHub and GitLab. It isn’t as full featured yet, but expect to see Worker integration at some point. The free tier provides unlimited bandwidth and sites. If you already use Cloudflare or are just looking for a basic hosting option definitely keep an eye on this. Full availability should be in the new year.

Christmas Codepens

It wouldn’t be a holiday season if I didn’t send a link to a bunch of festive codepens. See what fun things are possible with a bit of HTML, CSS and imagination. I didn’t curate this list but there are some fun ones on there.

Scale logo or screenshot


Top-quality illustrations, 100% free - no attribution, no IP-related restrictions. Pick an illustration and customize to your branding using our color picker. Nice vector images for whenever you need a bit of extra eye candy.

Radicle logo or screenshot


Radicle is a peer-to-peer stack for building software together. If you are growing weary of the control that Github or other platform has over your development process, check out this interesting project.