Good Morning

After a relatively crappy weekend weather-wise, I really enjoyed waking up this morning to blue sky and sunshine. What also impresses me is that I still fit into my swim trunks - after like a year of not wearing them. I’m going to go swimming this morning at the Dalplex, see if I can’t get into that routine which will be ultimately more useful for me than hitting the weight room. Not that the weight room is bad, just that swimming is likely to not only give me an overall muscular workout, but a good cardiovascular beating as well. I guess.

I was able to tackle most of my Algo’s assignment yesterday. I still have like three questions that need answering, but I think that is manageable. I honestly believe that this is the first class that I have honestly not liked the assignments on some level. I don’t mind pouring in an evening or two in pursuit of an A+, but when the time committment of these things are like 30-40 hours, I start to get a bit pissed off. But I’m a good little student so I grab my ankles and take it. What makes it hard is that I really enjoy the professor’s lectures, I think that he does a good job holding my attention at 8:30 am which I’m sure anyone can imagine is an impressive feat. But I’m sure I’ll get it done. Until then, step into the freshness.

Written by Colin Bate