Glam up your CLI apps

Hamilton, Bermuda

I hope everyone is well. Here in Bermuda, we in the middle of a large spike of COVID cases, which is causing us to be more locked down than we were enjoying previously. That said we are also making significant progress on vaccinating. Hopefully by next issue I have some better news. Of course that doesn’t stop the flow of new tools and services for developers.

charm logo or screenshot


We build tools to make the command line glamorous. This link is really a collection of links as the Charm Bracelet team have released a number of open source, Go-based libraries to create really nice looking terminal UIs. Even the names of those libraries, for example: “lip gloss”, “bubble tea” and “glamour” are fun and add a vibrance to the world of terminal UIs that you don’t normally see. They also have an app called Glow for reading markdown documents in the terminal. So no more opening your README files in a separate app if you are browsing your files in the command line.

Thunder Client logo or screenshot

Thunder Client

Thunder Client is a Http Client Extension for Visual Studio Code for Testing APIs. Supports Graphql query. Rest Client lightweight alternative to Postman. As a longtime Insomnia user, I already have a lightweight alternative to Postman, but if you want to keep everything inside your editor, this is a useful tool.

Docuowl logo or screenshot


🦉 A documentation generator. If you like the Stripe API documentation format, this is a tool which lets you create your own version with a similar style based on a collection of markdown documents. They’ve added a couple of non-standard markdown extensions, which usually makes me nervous, but if you are looking to document your project and like this format, it is a useful tool.