Fun Links 2017-05-05

ECMAScript modules in browsers
This is something that a lot of web developers have been waiting for since the concept of the standardized ES6 modules first appeared. Up to this point, we’ve had to pre-compile our modules into scripts that the browser could load and understand. Now we are starting to see browser native support (behind flags in most cases) to load these types of modules. It will be a while before we can use them directly for day to day use, but it should be interesting in the long run. In this article, Jake outlines the features and behaviour of these modules.

Visual Studio Team Services Extension for VS Code
With the most recent version of Visual Studio Code (1.11.x) there is now support for alternative SCM integration apart from Git. One such integration available is the VSTS Extension which allows for better integration with VSTS or TFS, including work items. Not only that but the most recent versions of this extension support TFVC. So if you are stuck using a project with TFVC then you can now sync and check-in directly from VS Code. At the moment, you need an existing local workspace for this function. You also need to point it at the Visual Studio TF.exe or equivalent on Mac/Linux.

Integrated Mercurial for VS Code
With the new SCM API in VS Code, we finally have support for using Mercurial within this great lightweight editor. You will need to have Mercurial already installed on your system to use this, but if you want this functionality, I suspect you already have it. The extension is fairly new, so expect a rough edge here or there.