Fun Links 2017-04-07

You know your web framework has reached a new level when someone creates a domain-specific IDE for it. That is just what Reactide is, a bespoke IDE for creating React apps. With an integrated web server and browser view, not to mention build tooling, it is an all in one package. Or it will be, it is still in active development.

Angular 4 Released
You read that correctly. For those not following development it might be surprising for Angular 4 to follow so closely behind the long anticipated Angular 2. However, a move to semantic versioning is the reason, making this version like a new 1.x release in the original AngularJS series. They skipped v3 to allow the Router package to get back into sync with the rest of the framework. Find out what is new and improved.

Marko is the new kid on the block in the crazy neighbourhood of web UI frameworks. Competing against the likes of React and the fast Inferno, it claims even better benchmark scores. And with a syntax more like Vue. It is also very optimized for running on the server for those interested in isomorphic apps. It is made by some folks at eBay and might be worth checking out if performance is something you value.