Fun Links 2013-12-13

Some interesting database options for those who are into those things.

A NoSQL, distributed database with ACID transactions. For anyone interested in this space, these are some big claims. Uses layers to decouple data storage from the data model. Can have SQL, document and key/values side by side on the same cluster. Interesting stuff. Requires Linux for fully supported production server operation, but has Windows and Mac clients and servers for local development.

The JavaScript database that syncs! Works as a client side database (leveraging the various browser/node technologies) which can then sync with a remote CouchDB server when network connectivity allows. Part of that whole offline-first mindset for application development.

For the Mongo fans in the room, a node.js (and browser) database which implements the MongoDB API. Dubbed the SQLite for Node.js projects, it can be in memory or persistent and is designed for applications either during testing and development; or those with limited audience (think internal company apps, etc). I’ll also mention TingoDB here as a similar product. I don’t have any insight into which is better, although Tingo claims a fuller API support.