Fun Links 2013-11-15

A couple of platforms-in-a-box this time, with an interesting web application tossed in.

Hoodie is a web application backend platform which provides you with a library for writing front-end only apps. Similar in some ways to Meteor, but with more built-in user management and per user data. Backed by CouchDB/node.js. Open-source. Should handle working offline without any extra work. Also of interest is this blog post about offline-first design. Definitely worth a read.

“The simplest way to build an API.” Another backend-in-a-box type service which is easily self-hostable. Has a nice dashboard UI for defining your resources and essentially building any of the backend logic. Similar to Sproute which I mentioned a couple of months ago, but more modular and open source. Backed by MongoDB/node.js
Minute your meetings. The easy way. An easy way to take meeting minutes when the meeting is happening and easily send them around.