Enter the Chrome

Burnaby, BC

To be honest, I felt a bit out of touch in that before today I hadn’t heard about the fact that Google was building a browser. Well they are, and it is now available as a public beta. It is called Google Chrome and it is pretty novel in some of its approaches.

The most interesting telling of the story of the browser is through the online Chrome comic book that Google created. It is pretty geeky I might add, but seems very apt in this case. The comic runs about 38 pages, so it isn’t a quick scan, but if you have a couple of minutes and you take the Internet seriously, then I suggest you give it a look.

The nice thing about this browser is that it was designed for the Internet as it exists today, not ten years ago. To that end, it realizes that a browser can be a centre point in our daily lives and should reflect that in stability and reliability. One feature which promotes that is the fact that each tab is a separate process. It is also sandboxed in your computer to prevent malicious sites from affecting your system. Really the comic tells a better picture. I’m using the browser to write this post and I will say that it seems fast. Really fast at both loading initially and rendering pages. Both are important in our web centric world. I will see how its performance and functionality stacks up over time.