Color and warmth

Hamilton, Bermuda

In these dark and dreary winter months, everyone can use a splash of color. Or perhaps a spectrum of colors. Whatever the weather, these links should bring some warmth… not something I say of tech links very often.

Some things to note before diving in:

CSS Gradient Generator logo or screenshot

CSS Gradient Generator

Beautiful, lush gradients. We’ve all used gradient tools at some point whether for the web or other graphical application. The problem with most is they cut from one color to another in RGB space, going through gray in the process. Muddy middles are not something that anyone wants. This will give you better gradients by making a few stops along the way from point A to point B. Josh also has a great article explaining it all.

clay.css logo or screenshot


Micro CSS util and SASS mixin for easily adding inflated fluffy 3d claymorphism styles to any HTML element. Get used to it, clay is here to stay. At least for 2022 until we move onto the next. Chunky, round and playful, who can resist?

Lume logo or screenshot


Lume is the Galician word for fire but also a fast and flexible static site generator for Deno. If you need to build a site to use your gradients and claymorphic UI, you can use Deno and Lume to heat things up. Based on Eleventy, Lume will let you turn your collection of markdown files into a website in no time.