Bucket of Steam

Now that I have completely taken over this apartment, I have my computer set up in a different room than before. I have decided to put my desk facing the window, so as to get lots of fresh air. This is fine, but does have two small drawbacks. 1. The evening sun reflecting off my desk makes it tricky to see and 2. the street outside my window is often full of distractions. It is a small, residential street, but it is also on campus so it does get it’s fair share of traffic. Right now in fact, the house across the street is having its front porch ripped out - presumably to have a new one installed at some point later today.

However, all of that is not important. What is important (sort of) were the fireworks last night. Or lack of fireworks. I mean, they did happen, but they seemed to lack a certain something. Maybe fireworks are getting less impressive as I get older but I guess I was expecting something a bit more elaborate. If I was at home then I would have expected something like that, in fact I’m sure I’ve seen a better display in New Glasgow. I would like to clairify that I am not saying that my time downtown last night was sub-par, far from it - I had a great time - but I think that Halifax could put a bit more effort into it. But hey, fireworks are fireworks and what they did have were pretty cool. My two cents I guess.

Written by Colin Bate