Back from the dead

And I’m not talking about that thing that often chases me through the quad at night, I’m talking about Java. The computer programming language Java. When I started university and in the year or two proceeding that, Java was starting to be the buzz. Everyone was talking about it as the way of the future for distributed applications across multiple platforms, yada, yada, yada. Even still today, people are all over java. Is it because of the clean, object-oriented structure, or the incredibly slow running times? In any case I am not a Java fan. Ironically I talk about the speed of Java as a drawback, and while if I were a C or C++ programmer I might have that right, but the fact of the matter is - I am deeply rooted in interpretted languages - PHP, Perl, Python, etc. so I have no grounds for my argument. However the point being that while I have been successfully avoiding Java since CSCI 2110 (first term my second year), today I wrote my first Java-based school assignment in over a year and a half. I wrote a web server. Sort of. That’s really all I have for now… sad really. PHP rules.

Written by Colin Bate