Blown into everywhere

Paget, Bermuda

Sand that is. After spending the morning lazing around, I decided to take my lazing to the beach since I had a good time last week. I didn’t feel like making the arrangements to meet up with anyone, and I didn’t really know what my plan was so I just head out on my own. This time I took the bus there. Walking the last little bit to the beach from the bus, I was glad to feel that it was still quite warm. Sheltered by walls and the foliage of the island, I didn’t realize just how windy it was.

And was it ever. There were a number of kite surfers at the beach… kite surfing, and I wandered down the sand a bit to try to find a sheltered area. There wasn’t one. Well, I did find a ledge behind a large rock formation which afforded some relief, but I have never before experienced such constantly blowing sand. It was getting into everything. So I walked down to the water, got my feet wet and that was about it. Not nearly as nice as last weekend. I caught the bus back and showered. And I’m still finding sand.