An Incident

Not ‘the’ incident mind you, but an incident none-the-less. It was Tuesday and I had a sore neck from sleeping on it funny the night before. That wouldn’t have been a problem except that I was supposed to be giving blood that afternoon. And if you haven’t given blood before they don’t really want you to have taken any painkillers in the three days before giving. So I suffered through Tuesday with a pain in my neck (sic).

The fact that the clinic was quite backed up and it took over an hour to get through the process wasn’t all that bad. That’s considering the fact that I saw one person sit there the entire time I was in there just waiting to see the nurse to fill out the questionaire. Obviously Ultimate Frisbee was out for that evening - also not a big loss. From the SUB, where the clinic was, I walked back to the Computer Science building where I left my stuff. So I packed up my laptop and accessories into my ‘purse’ and left my usual way - down the side stairs. I was almost on the 1st floor landing when all of a sudden, the strap on my bag broke! My bag kind of flips and tumbles sideways and I kind of manage to get it pinned against my body with my arm, but my laptop slides out onto the floor along with my cell phone and like all of the change that I had in one of those little interior pockets. Needless to say the fact that it even happened pissed me off. Then I got home and realized that my laptop had an outward dent that prevented me from plugging in the AC adapter.

However, I did manage to get the dent pushed in enough so that I can now plug it in again. And needless to say, I am now looking for a new bag. I have been to dozens of websites looking for the perfect bag for me to carry my laptop in. If anyone knows where to get nice, cheap, small laptop bags that can hold a couple of accessories please let me know.

Written by Colin Bate