Ahh Saturday.

If there are two things that I’d say that I’m proud to be good at, they would be PHP and BBQing. :) And based on that last sentence, I’m not so proud of my writing, but I think that I mentioned that before. :)

I just spent the last hour and a bit flipping burgers behind the CSB. We didn’t have a lot of burgers, but it turned out to be enough. As usual, there were times when I couldn’t see for the sweat and smoke in my eyes, but that is all part of it. It cleanses the eyes. Hamburgers, hotdogs, soy-dogs, veggie-burgers we were serving them out. We had some cooked veggie stuff left at the end and a few of the society members decided that they wanted to see what a veggie burger tasted like. Nothing. Apparently they don’t have a taste. Makes sense, because they certainly have the consistency of cardboard when they are cooking. The good thing about them is that they are easy to flip and they don’t cause flare-ups with grease. :P

In any case, it is certainly a nice day and I am going to stay inside and enjoy it. Might take a nap. Enjoy the day. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate