Zend Studio

In Brief


October 24, 2003

I have been using this software for a couple of months now and that must speak to something. At first it took a little time to get used to the way that it behaves, but in the end I really have found that I rely on it now. I like the code completion - especially how it will complete your own functions and variables. I have read that the next version above what I am using (version 3.0) will also complete constants, which is something that my version is missing. The project tools are a bit confusing, but that seems to be the case with all programs. It can set up to read from ftp servers which is great for the work that I do. And the thing that surprises me the most is despite being Java-based, it runs fairly responsively. Except on OS X which it had some issues with. I hav run it on a Windows machine and two Linux boxes with much success.

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Written by Colin Bate