Yes it's another keyboard.

How much is too much money for a keyboard? $450? I am seriously considering the purchase of a Comfort Keyboard System. It is a fully adjustable keyboard system that allows up to six feet of separation of the three different sections. As well, each section can be rotated and locked in any number of positions, from fully horizontal to completely vertical. It also has the cool ability to remap any key to any other key at the hardware level. Along with builtin macro support, this is a pretty sweet keyboard.

Some people I have talked have the attitude that if I don’t have nasty RSI then I don’t need a keyboard that expensive. My response to that is that I would like not to get RSI and that this should be preventative medicine. That way in the future I can still use regular keyboards the odd time that I need to use them like on my laptop when I am on the road.

Jan 24 - 14:09 I had the link for this keyboard in the clipboard, but managed to forget to paste it: - the site is pretty shitty, but apparently the keyboard is nice.

Written by Colin Bate