Working on your web app

Hamilton, Bermuda

Trying to go for a ‘build your own site’ theme. While some of these tools might be a bit more than you need for a tiny personal project, it is nice to see some useful tools with free options available.

Worth noting, there is a new version of Tailwind CSS out (2.2) and it introduces a lot of new functionality. Check it out.

Agility CMS logo or screenshot

Agility CMS

Finally, a CMS That Gives You the Best of Both Worlds. With all the features of a headless CMS and the familiar authoring tools that marketers know and love, Agility will make everyone on your team happy. While headless CMS tools are popular, many just give you access to a collection of content entities. Agility allows your content team (or you) to define structure to your content based on the ‘physical’ pages on your site. Nice. Free developer/personal tier.

NextUX logo or screenshot


A simple visual editor to help you and your team provide feedback, create designs, and share ideas quickly. There are other tools for gathering feedback, but this one is free and seems to be actively under development. It also lets you create designs from scratch making it a very versatile tool when creating a new site or application.

Jolt logo or screenshot


Jolt - an open-source framework that deploys JAMstack + Serverless applications. Another tool which is just beginning its life, Jolt allows you to deploy your web applications onto AWS without all of the hassle of setting everything up manually.

Written by Colin Bate