Was what my weekend was like. Well - sort of. First of all, it was very awesome to have Chris come visit this weekend. I was not expecting that at all - and of course, neither was he. I actually got off my ass and out of my apartment this weekend (yea!) - specifically to the Mercury on Friday night. Now some people have expressed less-than-favorable thought about the Mercury, but frankly I really don’t care. Of all the clubs downtown, it is by far my current favorite. If nothing else the music there gets better than anywhere else. In fact, the best music is played before anyone gets there - or at least that was the case on Friday, considering that we were there before 9pm. It didn’t really get busy until about 11pm - and there were a couple of pub crawls pass through. One notable one was the Engineering pub crawl. Now I’m not particularly fond of engineers as a rule, and soon after they got there, this one guy hit the dance floor. And when I say he hit it - I meant that he went out there to die. :) If anyone knows what Elaine’s dancing from Seinfeld looks like then it was a bit like that, but seemed a fair bit more random. My feelings fluctuated between amazement, pity, and anger during the next 30 minutes that I watched him.

Long story more reasonable - I danced more than I have in months and actually had a decent time. And now it is Sunday and I am by myself again - time to get some work done. :) Cheers

Written by Colin Bate