Well crap

I come home after an extremely slow day at work and plug in my laptop, only the power light doesn’t come on. The one that indicates that the battery is charging. I tried a different plug - no go. I think it might be the power adapter. I’m going to see if I can find a Mac user in the CSB who might have an adapter that I can test. I’ll be damned if it is my laptop. Luckily the adapters aren’t hideously expensive (although they aren’t cheap) if mine was fried somehow. Boo-urns

Update Jan 15 9pm I went to PCPC today and they had a spare adapter (from a demo model) that I tested and it worked. So I called Terra Consulting and they could replace it today under warrenty. Sweet. So I roped mike into driving me down and after having a hell of a time finding this place, they didn’t actually have any in stock. But because they usually do they had some already on order and it should be a day or two. So I should be OK by Monday or Tuesday. In anycase, no one else had them in stock. I’m getting it replaced for free under warrenty and the people at Hardwares Services (Dal) weren’t pleasent to deal with.

Written by Colin Bate