Weird world of email

As you may have noticed, my site was out of commission for a bit over the weekend. MySQL went down on torch sometime early afternoon on Saturday and didn’t come back online until today. Apparently there was also a power outage/issue in the computer science building over the weekend, but I’m not sure what really happened there.

Through consulting with a number of other people, we had determined that there was a campus wide email problem over the weekend too. As it turned out there was an issue with a virus that was bogging down our email servers. As a result I think that I lost an email or two that I was expecting, and I will have to see if they can resend the email because one of them was a software key. :/

However, my weekend was very relaxing after spending a few too many late nights working on the workterm report. Now back to a reduced version of reality as there are still many things to be done.

Written by Colin Bate