Wax Removal from Carpet

It happens sometimes. You are burning some candles for a romantic atmosphere, or simply you don’t have any power. In any case we all know that hot molten wax is present in these situations and that sometimes it does what it wants. If you have a big/nice enough candle holder then usually your wax related woes only extend for the holder where you can usually chip off the chunks of hardened wax with a knife or even your fingers. But sometimes the worst does happen and you end up with wax in carpet.

So you wait for it to harden and then try picking at it with a knife or something similar - and that is only somewhat useful for getting the bigger bits of wax out… what about the tiny little pieces that are embedded in your carpet? Well… I learned something today that works really well. Granted I only tried it with a fairly tight carpet… so YMMV. Take newspaper - ones that you don’t mind getting rid of - raid the recycling, old phone book pages would probably work too. Get a fair bit of this newsprint - as much as you can spare. The only other thing that you need is an iron. A regular iron that you would use to iron a shirt with - don’t worry, this won’t damage your iron. Plug the iron in near the wax ‘scene’ and set it to a medium heat… but make sure that you don’t have steam… that might make things a bit more difficult. Once your iron is hot… lay down a sheet of the newsprint over the problem area and iron it as you would a shirt. On the first couple of passes you will notice right away that the newsprint is absorbing the wax. Keep changing the newsprint (or readjusting it) so that more of the wax can be absorbed. Essentially this is it… keep going until you don’t get any more wax absorbed and you can keep checking the spot to see the progress. It worked for me and I would imagine that it would work on most carpets. And no… I didn’t invent this idea myself, I found it at PageWise but I wanted to share my experiences with you.

Written by Colin Bate