While I have gotten used to the fact that occasionally I might want to connect to the VPN, I just noticed something that was somewhat unusual. I was in the library and using the wireless network there. When I was getting ready to leave I closed all my connections to the outside world, but I forgot about the VPN and as such I put the laptop to sleep with it still connected. This wouldn’t be an issue if you had a whimpy laptop that needed to be shutdown while not in use, but mine was still running. When I got back home and plugged into a landline I realized that I forgot the VPN software. I went on my way and tried to connect to torch. “No route to host”. And when I tried to connect to its IP, that worked fine. So long story short - it messed up my DNS resolution and since it couldn’t connect to vpn.dal.ca I couldn’t even reconnect to try to fix it. Just my little rant. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate