Urogenital Groove

If you like the title of this post, you can thank my Human Sexuality professor. Well, actually you can thank my inclination to derive sick pleasure from pretty much anything that I ever hear or see. This culprit comes from the transparency in class that showed the development of sexual organs in both males and females from the embryonic state. I’m sure that I’ll have more to say on this class before it is over. As it is, I’m not exactly sure how I’ve gone this far without mentioning it before. I mean after a class of videos detailing (and I do mean detailing) sexual response in both males and females, I’d have thought that I could have made many a comment. I guess my general sense of decency towards my readers prevented me. Well, screw that. Maybe I should notch my site up an MPAA rating. :P

But seriously, I definitely think that Urogenital Groove would be a great name for a funk band.

Written by Colin Bate