Uniform of the rich

Toronto, ON

Blue blazer, khaki slacks, rust brown loafers. Shirt can vary, usually pastel, no tie. This is the standard outfit for the rich, at least it certain invokes that kind of imagery from me. There was gentleman not that far ahead of me in the line for customs with this outfit. Very inspiring I guess you could say… it certainly inspired me to write this post.

I’m in the airport lounge in Toronto, waiting for my connection in about 30 minutes. It was a useful week in Bermuda, but I am looking forward to getting home. Of course, Bermuda once was home, and it is possible it could be again. Now that I have had a taste of business travel, I have some thoughts about it. First of all, Air Canada, while they make an effort, really only provides an “adequate” service to “Executive Class” flyers. In general, there are some perks: faster check-in, often faster through security. Lounge access is sometimes, but not always available (I’m talking to you Bermuda). Obviously the seats and service on the plane are better, but this is dependent on the airline, not the general entitlement of flying “executive”. There are a couple of things that can’t be gained by paying way too much for your ticket. Customs times–maybe in some countries, but in Canada, you all wait in the same line. Waiting for luggage. In theory, you could pay to have someone else pick up your bags, or something to that effect, but in the end, you aren’t intrinsically gaining anything here.