Thoughts of the day

UC3M, Leganés, Spain

Some The past week or so have been incredibly busy for me, I’ve been constructing an online store. All said and done, I feel that I did a pretty good job with it considering the time constraints. Of course, working 10+ hours per day for a solid week does allow you to accomplish a fair bit. It might not seem like a lot of work to some people, but compared to what I had been used to in the past little while, it was quite exhausting.

I have started coming into campus in the morning – versus before when I would sleep until 13:00. Now if I can only curb my natural tendencies to stay up past 3:00 in the morning, I might be able to handle this. But it is true that I get a lot more done when I am in this classroom and not in my bedroom, mere inches from my bed, who continuously sings her siren call. Instead of a traditional office or lab environment at the university, we are using a mostly disused classroom for our home away from home. This same classroom hosted all five of our courses last term, but now remains empty, except of course when we take it over. Taking over might be a stretch, since at the moment, this classroom for 30+ students now contains only Pablo and I.

The only other thing of note is that this past weekend, despite my crazy workload, Nenad, Pablo and I headed into Madrid and attended SIMO, which is the second largest IT fair in Europe apparently. It was quite interesting, seeing some of the technology and software that is available. There were displays by all the phone companies, not to mention a number of large IT companies: Adobe, Toshiba, HP, Microsoft, IBM, etc. While you could definitely feel the geek atmosphere, it really wasn’t all that I had hoped for. I guess I didn’t really see much that was new or “cool”, at least not to me. But then it seems to be taking more and more to impress me technically these days.

The screen shot above is a tiny glimpse into what I have been staring at for the past week or longer and I thought I would take this opportunity to share. To relieve the monotony, I changed from my home grown TextMate theme to one called Vibrant Ink, with a couple minor alterations. I’m liking it – TextMate makes the task of programming far less stressful. You know what else is a good thing? Bite-sized chocolate chip cookies that are covered in milk chocolate. AKA: “Choco Bom”