The one in which things are released.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hey everyone. As if 2020 weren’t already a tough year, it is also on track to be the most active hurricane season as well. We are just recovering from hurricane Paulette and now Teddy is bearing down on us. Time to distract everyone with some geeky releases. Maybe not as interesting as some of my links, but all of these releases are worth noting.

Vue.js v3 Released logo or screenshot

Vue.js v3 Released

Long awaited (by any Vue users), the 3.0 release has finally dropped. While it was available in Beta for a while, some people have been holding off committing until the official release. That time is now. Unless you are upgrading, as the official upgrade path won’t be released until later in the year. I’ve personally dabbled in Vue before, but I don’t use it enough to get excited about it, but I know that the community has been waiting a while on this. Better performance and TypeScript support are some of the features in addition to a new API which allows for better architectures when building large applications.

Deno 1.4 Released logo or screenshot

Deno 1.4 Released

Deno 1.4 adds support for the web standard WebSocket API, deno run –watch, and integrated test coverage. This is the largest feature release yet. I’m pretty happy about the WebSocket API, as I still have a soft spot in my heart for them. I’m glad to see there is still some momentum happening in Deno land, I have high hopes for it.

GitHub CLI 1.0 Released logo or screenshot

GitHub CLI 1.0 Released

GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal. It reduces context switching, helps you focus, and enables you to more easily script and create your own workflows. You can use Git from the CLI, so why not GitHub itself, including working with PRs, issues and releases. I’m surprised this wasn’t an official thing before. I imagine some people had terminal based workflows created, but this is a nice tool to have if you use GitHub a lot as many developers do.