The little donairs that couldn't.

I am generally a pretty optimistic type of guy who tries not to bad mouth people unless there is a damn good reason. And let me tell you I have a damn good reason.

Earlier tonight I had what was without question, the absolute worst donair that I could possible imagine. Before I even got it out of the foil, I could smell the fact that it was burnt… it almost made me gag. Nothing is worse (almost) than the smell of something burnt/burning, and this was burnt donair meat. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. And while I’m talking about donair meat - this donair had something else. I realize that different places have their own recipe for donair meat, but most donairs I have had in Halifax and at home have tasted roughly the same. This meat was quite different, not what I had expected. Not particularly bad except that it was way too salty. And it was burnt - did I mention that. The donair couldn’t be finished.

All in all - I am still alive and I guess I can be thankful for that. I’m not going to say where I got this donair in case they sue me for slander, but let me just say that they start with E and I order pizza there a lot.

Oh and their pizza is amazing, so I will continue to order from there, just not donairs - ever.

Written by Colin Bate