The first rule...

AUTh Lab, Thessaloniki

of the HCI exam is that we don’t talk about the HCI exam.

However, as a reward for finishing the first exam, I decided to take some time to do a long planned update to the look and feel of the weblog. I changed the header image, moving the date up to the top. I also added little flag buttons on the bottom of the entries, which gives you at-a-glance knowledge of where I posted it from.

Next step: Accounting. I actually found this class to be much more understandable than my pre-conceived bias against accounting would have had me think. I managed to do the assignment for the class relatively quickly and didn’t need to rely on the slides too much. Of course, I have no idea how I did on the assignment, maybe it was terrible and everything I know is wrong. That is the trouble with not getting any feedback – ever. However, I’m not that worried, although I might go out and pick up a cheap calculator so that I can hasten my arithmetic. My calculator is one of those things that I left in Canada without thinking that I might need it. And I don’t really. But since I doubt they will let me fire up my laptop mid-exam to crunch some numbers, I might want to have something just in case.