The Final Hours

Durham, NS, Canada

I haven’t mentioned much about it publicly, but I figure people might start to notice, especially since the change in environment will spark a renewed interest in writing, which on its own should be suspicious. What I am talking about is Bermuda, and the fact that I am moving there Tuesday morning. My flight leaves so early Tuesday morning that I suspect I will go to the airport Monday night… meaning that I don’t have much time left here.

I am moving there because of work, and while I won’t go into details, I will say that it isn’t permanent. As any non-Bermudian working there will tell you, they don’t allow people to stay all that long. Which is fine, since I enjoy the opportunity to move around and see different things. Of course, all of this means that I am in the midst of packing and organizing my belongings into those items which I will need in the near future, things which I will want to bring over perhaps on a trip home at some point, and those things which I will likely never want again. Not an easy task, although one I have undergone several times previously because of my studies in Europe.

I suspect I will be writing a bit more often for a while as I experience a number of new things in my new location, until the day to day routine gets the best of me and I have less to say.