The Cats were back

The Wildcats that is. That was the name of the large reunion party that I attended over the weekend. The high school that I attended just finished its last year as a high school and all the graduates from its 43 years of operation were invited back to celebrate and commemorate. I did have a good time and I was actually involved in the variety show in the capacity of the person who advanced the slides in a slideshow used in a parody of the “I am Canadian” rant. This rant parody was written by one of the teachers during my graduating year (2000) and I created a slideshow to accompany it. Together this particular teacher and I have presented this parody about 4 times and each time it is an amazing success. Last night was no exception - it was definitely the highlight of the show.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on when you ask me) there were very few people present from my graduating class. But despite this and the crazy heat that hung over the whole weekend, it was a great time.

Written by Colin Bate