That time of year

FAM, Leganés

Holly I know it is the Christmas season when my internet radio jazz station starts playing Christmas tunes. So, to keep up, I have to dust off my own Christmas music collection. Christmas is a very special time for many people, and it is no exception for me. And now that I live away from home, Christmas is my one chance to get back and spend time with my family and friends. Christmas memories tend to come flooding back once I start listening to my Christmas music because music associates with memories quite well. Memories such as the Christmas in GA44 (my second year of my undergrad) – spending 15 hours straight working on a Java assignment looping Christmas carols the whole time and being fueled by Pepsi Twist. Or the now classic gingerbread house. And the nuclear Christmas decorations. Of course, these are only memories for me, and perhaps one or two other people, but they are important nonetheless.

This year is a bit different, I haven’t spent any of 2006 so far in Canada, and so when I arrive there in a couple weeks, it will have been over 11.5 months since I have been home. By far the longest period I’ve ever been away for. So for the brief period of time I will be home, I’ll be in a position to create still more Christmas memories. Of course, I won’t be traveling through Europe like some of my friends, but regardless of your plans, and whether or not you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope that you have a fine month to come.

Written by Colin Bate