Terms of Membership


Your username which you have chosen and signed up for is yours alone. You are not to share your account with another person. The membership is completely free and there is no reason why sharing would be necessary. If for whatever reason, you need to change your username, you will need to email username@rhuvok.com and give your old and desired username along with a reason for the change. There is no guarentee that the change will be possible.


The email address that you provide when you sign up must be your own email. Your password will be mailed to that address as soon as you sign up. Your email is not distributed in any way and only the owner of this site has access to it. You agree that the site owner can send you mail for important announcements, however, this is not likely to happen.


The forum (sonar!) is provided for your benefit and entertainment. If you choose to become a nuisance or otherwise offend or bother the other members then we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your membership. The dialogue in the forum should not be explicit, offensive, or make reference to any illegal activities. This is like my home and I expect all members to treat it with respect.


All of the designs, graphics, photos, stories, flash animations and other intellectual property are owned and subject to copyright law. If you see something that you like and you would like to use it on your own site or other means, please just let me know. I have no problem sharing with others, but as a person who is proud of their work, I would like to know if others enjoy it.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms as is deemed necessary by the sole discretion of the site owner.

Written by Colin Bate