For all of you loyal supporters of my eclectic programming habits, I am pleased to say that they may have paid off. If all goes according to plan (and I have no reason to doubt that it will) then in a couple of weeks I will be launching a scaled-down version of sonar! on a national website. There is also rumour of launching a scaled up version on a website that received upwards of 100000 hits daily. This will really show if my web application development skills are really up to what I claim they are. There is so much buzz about web logs and the software that lets you create your own professional looking site. This is all well and good, but to me it seems like those planned communities with the gates. You know the ones I’m talking about, you have no real problem with them per se, but I think we all hold a slightly tainted opinion of the people that inhabit such communities.

Once I have details and things are released on the first version, I will be sure to inform you of exactly where you can see this in action - bearing in mind that this initial version will be used for a forum about fetal alcohol syndrome - so likely you won’t “be able” to post, but I think it’ll be cool none-the-less. Now if only school work wasn’t in the way. Man do I ever hate doing the Algorithms Assignments :/

Written by Colin Bate