Switch progress

obnauticusWell… I have now had my laptop for over 24 hours and all systems are still ago. My roaming network works flawlessly and I am enjoying the utter portability of the system. Those are the my adjustments to having a laptop. As for my adjustments to that laptop being an Apple machine - I am proud to say that that also is going well. I am actually typing this message right now on my very own Powerbook. There really aren’t that many adjustments to make. Sure the window control box is on the left side… and my track pad only has one big-ass button, but all told it is not a foreign environment. And the best part remains the fact that there is “Unix Inside” or more specifically FreeBSD. I installed the developers disc today - so I’ve got all sorts of goodies now :) gcc, javac, flex, yacc, python, g++ - the whole #!. If I have any crazy weird Mac experiences I’ll be sure to left everyone know… until then. Umm… bye.

Written by Colin Bate