Storage Solutions

I’m sure that many of you are in the process of ending a school term. And for a lot of people that means moving. I am in the same boat again, but fortunately I am only moving up one floor this time. I could be getting into my new place as early as today, but it might be tomorrow or the weekend before I get the nod that I can start the long arduous process of hauling my crap upstairs. At first glance of my apartment you can tell that I definitely did the dishes and tidied a bit, but there is stuff starting to drift from its usual location in preparation for the move. I know however that there is another mess that is hidden underneath the mess that is visible and that is the one that I’m worried about. That is the stuff that I don’t know what to do with.

I did manage to get a shelf unit to replace the one that I was borrowing from Chris until recently. I also got a couple of 80 litre storage bins that have tiny wheels on them. I’m not sure what exactly will go in them yet, but rest assured that something will go in there - and depending on what it is, I might be just as well off to seal them up and hurl them into the harbour. I will try to get pictures up sometime of the move process. We’ll see what happens.

Written by Colin Bate