Special Extended DVD

That’s right, yesterday I bought the new Lord of the Rings release. Unfortunately I also had a couple of assignments to do and didn’t get to watch any of it until today.

It was $40, but you do get 4 DVDs so it seems like you’re getting a deal. But if you are a hardcore Tolkien fan, you will need this in your collection. The movie is on two DVDs because it is now 210 minutes long - that’s right 3.5 hours. Not only that but there are 4 audio commentaries comprising over 30 people. Match that up with 2 DVDs committed to explaining how they made the movie and you have many late nights and wasted afternoons. :) But seriously, that is 17.5 hours locked into the movie alone pluse likely 5 or 6 more for the other features… talk about a great, lazy Christmas break.

Yea… my north bridge fan is dying… and the sound is driving me nuts… only one solution… take it off… or clean it. I guess that’s two options. :P

Written by Colin Bate