Space Opera

I don’t write about it much, but I am a relatively prolific reader. My usual genres are in the mystery, thriller, techno-thriller range. However, I also dabble in science fiction and fantasy from time to time.

Full disclosure: more often than not, I listen to my books, not reading them in the strictest sense. That is really the only way I can manage to consume so many books while raising two little boys. Washing dishes is a lot more fun when your brain is in outer space or puzzling over some mystery.

Sometimes I find a book that looks interesting and I stick in my “want to read” list, or even check it out on Kindle Unlimited. And then sometimes that book sits there unread for some time. That is what happened to “Into The Black (Odyssey One)” by Evan Currie which I checked out probably because it also came with a free Audible narration. I only started reading it to clear it out of my list after finishing another series of books.

Wow, I’m glad I did.

And not only that, but there are six other books in the same series (at this point). Each just as good, and in some cases better. The genre is science fiction, more specifically space opera, with a touch of fantasy. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, think Star Wars or Star Trek. Both are space operas.

The Odyssey One series has lots of action, decent character development and a well developed plot which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Overall a very fun read for anyone with even a remote interest in this type of fiction.

Odyssey One

Written by Colin Bate