As I left to go eat brunch at Howe Hall this morning (by myself) it was raining. Sort of… it was probably a bit more like freezing rain. The ground had tell tale signs of ice as if it had recently been more towards the freezing side than the rain side. So after an hour or so, I immerge from brunch only to find that it is snowing. Not only that, but there is a good bit of snow already on the ground. And now I look out on University Ave and I can barely see across the street for the snow.

Now before anyone says anything, I know that it can and does snow this time of year, but I just find the snow really weird this time. Like it is some sort of crazy, psycho snow. Whatever it is though, I it considerably better than walking home in the pouring rain which I have had to do on at least two or three separate occasions coming back from brunch.

[Editors note (1:28pm): The crazy snow has stopped, but it looks like the driving is pretty bad if the few cars that I have seen go by are any indication.]

Written by Colin Bate