Sick rhuPod

Well. My iPod is “broken”, in so much as it doesn’t seem to want to read from the disk. This is obviously a problem for a device that is essentially a hard drive on steriods. The music isn’t an issue, I have it all on my laptop, but it is the fact that this thing cost hundreds of dollars and now it doesn’t work. I was hoping to get a few years out of it. So I am going to call the AppleCare people in the morning and see if they can take it. Or maybe how to fix it. I’m pretty sure that I can get them to fix it because I won’t be buying from Apple again if they don’t. :) And you can be sure that they will be getting dicussed here.

So I will definitely let you know how that goes - the tales of my sick iPod. Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate