Show renewal

All of the major networks except CBS have leaked their 2005/2006 television lineup which outlines which shows are new, which continue from last season and which are getting the axe.

CBS broadcasts all of the CSI shows, Without A Trace, NCIS, and Numb3rs – so I don’t know about them, but this is what I do know about the shows that I (and quite a few others I know) watch:

o Medium – renewed o Las Vegas – renewed o House – renewed o Eyes – cancelled o Medical Investigation – cancelled o Lost – renewed o West Wing – renewed o 24 – renewed

Most cancelled shows were new ones that didn’t make it past one season, but some are longer running shows that have finished like NYPD Blue. Quite a few new reality shows didn’t make it thank God.

The good news for those mourning Eyes and MI is that there will be something like 13 or 14 new dramas appearing in the fall (again not including was CBS tosses out) so there is hope that something good will come of it.

Source: The Futon Critic