Show me the money

AUTh Lab, Thessaloniki

I was certainly showing the money today. After my oral exam thing this morning which went relatively well, Nenad and I took off towards the center to satisfy our commercial needs. Specifically we went to find a backpack for Nenad to accommodate his handsome new laptop and to buy Office:mac for myself. The search for backpacks didn’t yield anything that we liked – this really isn’t a laptop oriented city (yet). Then we stopped at Elite Computer Systems which is very near my place and I purchased Office:mac Student Teacher edition. Nenad found a bag that he liked there, but there were no sales people around (this isn’t exactly what I would call a retail outlet) so he wasn’t able to find out the price. But he really liked it so I might head back tomorrow to check it out. I also want to ask the price of the macally icepad which is a laptop stand that looks good.

After a lunch of gyros, we headed back to school to work on the never ending pile of assignments. When I got to the lab, I finally bought my plane ticket to Madrid. I’m leaving on the 29th of March (at 7:15AM!) and I’m traveling with Daniel and Q via Athens on Olympic Airlines. It should be a good time had by all.

Now I’m going home to eat something and continue working on my fuzzy logic controller.