Shouldn't we sing Happy Birthday?

Of course… considering that when I was growing up, this time of year had one of the highest concentrations of birthdays among my relatives with my aunt and both grandparents on my mother’s side having a birthday within 5 days. It always felt wrong at the same time celebrating birthdays at the same time that the rest of the country is mourning the senselessness of war. Now that I am older, I have managed to meet a few more friends with birthdays in this first part of November — Happy Belated mike from Friday and Happy Birthday to Jon in about 25 minutes. :)

I went home on the weekend to celebrate the birthdays in my extended family and somehow we managed to accommodate 19 people for supper and 17 people sleeping overnight. It was quite chaotic as I’m sure you can imagine. It is interesting when you reach the point in your life when these family gatherings, although fun, become a real juggling act. When you are 7 everything just seems so exciting and you get to stay up later and eat junk and see your cousins and have a good time. Bottom line — remember to bring headphones. :)

Written by Colin Bate