Shifted Schedule

Well, I have certainly found myself in a bit of a different schedule this week. I have been taking pictures today at the CHERA conference that is going on in the FASS building. It is pretty good, I walk around and take photos with my digital camera of events that are going on. And I get $20 an hour for doing it. Not to mention I get to hear bits and pieces of talks about health care and other pressing issues.

So, while I am able to do that during the day, I am stuck at work for the 4:30 to 11:30 shift. :P Oh well, I don’t mind that much, except it does cut into my relaxation time - and I am really quite hungry. :) I am doing this tomorrow (Friday) too and for a bit on Saturday. It all means just a bit more money so that is cool.

I have been seeing various convocations going on… not so much seeing as hearing bagpipes sometimes and I guess I do see the students in their robes. Or gowns, or whatever they are. Oh and as you can see above, I found an even better way to make “tool tips” for words in my pages. God bless CSS. Which reminds me that I have to watch CSI tonight - the only show that I actually watch. Anyway… back to work.

Written by Colin Bate