Sheepish fix

No this post has nothing to do with Kieran and his vices. Around the time I upgraded my computers to Tiger (end of April 2005) I also experienced a problem with my iTunes Music Store account. Looking in my archives I can’t find a mention of it, which surprises me, I thought I would have posted. The meat of it was I couldn’t access my account info to authorize other computers or to change any of the detail of my account. I couldn’t even de-authorize any computers. Nor could I buy music. So what I did was create a new account and voila – problem solved. Fast forward to a time when I buy a new laptop and I no longer can listen to the many tunes I purchased on the old account because I can’t authorize my new computer.

I emailed Apple Music Store support asking for help and they said it was a tech support issue and it could incur costs. Great. So today I decided that I would try to reset my account password via the web. Even though I knew what my password was (that wasn’t the issue) I clicked the venerable “I forgot my password” link and entered my email address. I waited.

When my reset email arrived, clicking a link brought me to a spot to set a new password. I did. And now I have successfully authorized my computer on my old account and I suspect I can buy music with it too.

The real mystery here isn’t what went wrong with my account, but why did I wait almost 8 months to try and reset my password. Excuse me while I go listen to my music.