Saying goodbye

Sometimes saying goodbye is a good thing. Like saying goodbye to my last exam. Saying good bye to an assignment which just wouldn’t go away. Damn that code optimization assignment really had me there for a while… I loathed it, but I did finally get into it and finished it (as much as I was going to anyway) and handed it in last night around 7:30.

However, seeing as how this is my fourth year at university, many of the people I started with are graduating and moving on. Some are staying in the area, some are leaving. Some I will see again, some I may never. I’m not much for emotional good byes… if someone means that much to me, then I will see them again. I don’t attach to people very well so the other people, while I may not be ‘sad’ that I don’t see them, they all hold a place in my heart. That being said, I want to wish Chris a great time in Ottawa this summer and anyone else who is going elsewhere, have fun too.

I am so done exams… now to finish Community Outreach. :/

Written by Colin Bate