Safe and sound

Pembroke, Bermuda

I am now back in my apartment after three days at the office. It was a weird day today because some people did come in, but yet I slept there and woke up mid morning, so I never really felt like I started the day. It was certainly an experience which I will never forget. I also think I found my limit in terms of staying late in the office. Some weeks it feels like I’m living at the office, but the fact remains that I’m not, I do go home and sleep even if that isn’t very long. That separation makes all the difference.

I just live too close to the office to justify sleeping there. Even when I finish up at 2am, I just take a 5 minute drive to get home. Keeps one sane I think.

To everyone who staying at the office during Igor with me: it was fun. To everyone following along at home, either on island or off: thanks for reading/watching.