Return of the Salad

In order to continue funnelling my money into Subway and maintain my cleansing regiment, I am forced to eat the Vegetable Delite Salad. Now I don’t have any issue with the salad, while it may not satisfy me in the same way as a double cheese melt, it is certainly better for me and I think that is the whole point. However as a regular to Subway and a recognizable one at that, the staff know me – and my sub habits fairly well. Mike and I also made a bit of scene yesterday [in jest] when they didn’t have any Cold Cut Combos left. So today they tried to pretend that they didn’t get any more in and we all joked around like we were good friends. When I then ordered a salad, let me tell you that I didn’t hear the end of it. Mike of course wasn’t without his snide remarks – which I will admit were pretty funny. But the salad was good and I am still alive so I will continue to hold out.